Project Description

Oracle Accounting removes the hassle and headache that your Payroll can become. Instead of diverting resources away from your core business to run a full-time payroll department, you can now rely on Oracle to provide you with a complete outsourced payroll solution.

One of the most prevalent reasons to outsource your Payroll to Oracle is the assurance that your Payroll data is kept completely confidential and secure at all times. Legislation governing Payroll is becoming more complex with every passing month and it is becoming increasingly difficult to fully comply with all the acts, Oracle are up to date with current SARS Legislations and upgrades. We cater for monthly, weekly and fortnightly Payroll frequencies, as determined by you, the customer – offering full confidentiality and reliability. Offering a Solution according to your Payroll Requirements. This service is easy to implement, offering you customised payslips – printed on professional, confidential stationery – reports and leave administration, which are all part of the solution.

With Pastel Payroll you no longer have to pay to have certificates manually captured or spend the many hours it takes to capture manually – not to mention having to keep up to date with legislation and the changing of source codes etc.

Save time with our efficient and legally compliant Payroll outsourcing service.